Tuesday, 30 September 2014

good sustenance

miss this blog a lot.. hari ni saja nak share pasal rezeki. even though i'm not coming from a wealth family but every single thing that we need have been provided by my lovely parents and obviously from Allah. but sometime there will be a time that money is not enough. and it really make me feel sad plus i'm the eldest so obviously my mom will tell me. there's nothing i can do except for doa. sometime i think maybe i should work earlier though can help my family.. whatever it is, i believe that all of this is a test from Allah. Allah test us so that we will be back to His path and not to just flow with the happiness in this world..and one more thing if we want to be grateful, we should see other people that is ungrateful compared to us..From that we know and realize that we are such a lucky person. Talking about parents, make them happy until the end of our life. they are everything to us.

lot's of love,

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

patah sayapku

the title is weird..hmm why is it like that??
there's no bird that broke the wing but its me..
i broke my heart..
it is all because of myself
so after this don't easily like somebody.
today i knew that he belong to this one girl
few weeks ago i have heard about it and from time to time i learnt to forget about him.
it does not easy but alhamdulillah i can go through all of it (dugaan org lain lg besar.kankan)
jodoh ditangan Allah.
now i'm happy for him. hoping that he will be happy with that girl. :)
i don't and shouldn't blame anyone.
its all my fault..

                                                                                                 Lots of love,

Thursday, 28 August 2014


kadang2 semua benda jadi tk betul, semua kte tk puas hati.
pelik dgn perasaan tu tp inilah realiti.
klu happy okey je satu hari tu
klu sedih, memnjang je sedihnya
itulah perasaan.
huh. tak tau nak tulis ape tp best sbb dpt luahkn perasaan
nak nak blog tk dkenali plak tu. hahaha
tp yg paling penting Allah lah tmpt trbaik utk mengadu krn Dia akn dgr semua rintihan kte.
klu manusia tk smstinye dgr. kdg2 hanya hadir waktu kte gmbira n kdg2 hanya di waktu kedukaan.
ini shj coretan buat kali ini.
p/s: kena sentiasa brsyukur dgn nikmat Allah.

                                                                                                                     byk2 sayang,

Friday, 22 August 2014

still me :)

Its still me..
Sometimes I feel weird. My hobby has changed.
I don't like to write and read blog. But starting this week its change. hmmm
Another thing is twittering. Few months ago, I just read others tweet. But now i twittering myself.
Other things that has change, i don't recognized yet. But I hope that I will change to a good thing. :)
Hmm. another thing, i just remembered. I want to have DSLR. everyday, I kept thinking about it. How can I earn a lot of many and consume it for DSLR. is it worth it??
I just think. After I have it, maybe I can go to photography and become a part timer. Can I??
Hoping that I have time for it.

p/s: Hoping that dreams come true. 
lot's of love,

Thursday, 21 August 2014


Sayunya hati menonton istiadat penyerahan jenazah penumpang dan kru MH17
Harap semuanya akan berjalan dengan lancar.


The smile in our face is not a fake. We're really happy celebrating Aidilfitri.
This year, there is a lot of different. Mak Teh celebrate Hari Raya with us eventhough she is not feeling well. The smile in her face make us proud of her. hoping that she will get well soon and always be strong physically and mentally. From that she will cure faster with the will of Allah, Insyaallah.
Picture of parts of cousins :)

This is my lovely family. Ayah, Mak, Wan, Me, Angah, Akak and Adik. it has been 2 years celebrating Hari Raya without arwah aki. semoga arwah ditempatkan di kalangan orang2 yg beriman. amin

I love this part so much. Going to rumah maklong n paklong is my favourite. Living in the surrounding of village is calm and peace. (Hoping that my zauji is a villager.Then I have a hometown. :) :) )


In life, everything that we have been through should not be regret and we must go on. Same goes to me. Every semester we might see and be friend with others. From there, I've learn a lot. Really mean it. Thus, we can conclude that 'berkawan biar seribu berkasih biar satu'. Talking about love: Not every love must be own by us or we cannot have love that we want. Sometimes we just have to let it go.. Let it goooo..huhu :(

There's some pictures that I would like to share. :)

A lot of experience and memory with them. Hoping that all of us will be succeed in our life.