Friday, 22 August 2014

still me :)

Its still me..
Sometimes I feel weird. My hobby has changed.
I don't like to write and read blog. But starting this week its change. hmmm
Another thing is twittering. Few months ago, I just read others tweet. But now i twittering myself.
Other things that has change, i don't recognized yet. But I hope that I will change to a good thing. :)
Hmm. another thing, i just remembered. I want to have DSLR. everyday, I kept thinking about it. How can I earn a lot of many and consume it for DSLR. is it worth it??
I just think. After I have it, maybe I can go to photography and become a part timer. Can I??
Hoping that I have time for it.

p/s: Hoping that dreams come true. 
lot's of love,

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